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Organizational Leadership (MA)

USK’s Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program prepares you for career and life success. You will learn how to lead, to plan and analyze, and to manage programs and people. You will study theories and real-life examples of exceptional leadership, expand your emotional intelligence, acquire techniques for effective communication, and learn how to lead people through times of disruption to build resilient organizations. You will also learn how to develop these same exceptional leadership skills in others.

The MA in Organizational Leadership program from the University of Saint Katherine is a smart professional opportunity and a sound personal decision that will change your life forever.



*Most students receive financial assistance/scholarships.

Students are eligible for Federal graduate student PLUS loans. Prospective students are encouraged to seek grants from their employers or other sources.


All course material, assignments, and exams are available through an online learning platform. All you need is a computer and internet connection. Weekly assignments, interactive discussions, and quizzes keep you on track. Faculty members are there for you, whether to explain a concept, advise on a research plan, or review the draft of a paper. Additional support is available through Student Affairs. We are committed to each student’s success.


  • Leadership and Organizations
  • Strategic Communication
  • Managing Innovation and Change



  • Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Managerial Economics
  • Strategic Planning


  • Performance Management
  • Project Management
  • Crisis Management



  • Thesis


Option 1: GPA of at least 3.0 from the most recent 60 credits of undergraduate work.

Option 2: GPA of 2.8 – 2.9 from the most recent 60 credits of undergraduate work, plus an evaluation of the following: academic letter of recommendation or GMAT/GRE, writing sample, and interview with Department Chair.

Option 3: GPA of 2.5 – 2.7 from the most recent 60 credits of undergraduate work, plus an evaluation of the following: GMAT/GRE, writing sample, interview with Department Chair, and a preparatory course (MAOL 500).

Option 4: A previous graduate or professional degree.


Upon acceptance, the applicant’s previous coursework and grades earned will be reviewed by the Department Chair. The applicant may be required to complete a college course in Economics and/or Statistics, or the USK preparatory course, MAOL 500. Time-sensitive, cost-effective options for completing any prerequisites will be offered by the University.


”I’ve been affiliated with numerous colleges and universities, and the Master’s in Organizational Leadership program at the University of Saint Katherine is one of the most robust and rewarding programs I have ever seen! Students leaving this program will have an immediate impact on any industry or field.”

Dr. Jim Getman, MBA, DBM
Program Director