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Amber Brittain-Hale

Amber Brittain-Hale, PhD

Professor of Business Management
  • Leadership,  
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Professor Amber Brittain-Hale, co-founder of BrainStates Inc., is a recognized figure in the business world, known for her keen understanding of geopolitics, leadership, and neuroleadership. In addition to her strategic role at BrainStates Inc., Amber serves at The Brittain Group, a respected San Diego-based management consultancy. Her key responsibilities include stakeholder management, business analysis, and communication, roles which she has capably handled and which have garnered recognition across a variety of sectors. Amber holds a Ph.D. in Global Leadership and Change from Pepperdine University and Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in International Relations. Her scholarly work has significantly enriched public diplomacy and info politik discourse. One of Amber’s significant academic contributions is the Brittain-Hale’s Policy Analysis Model© (2023), a groundbreaking tool that has made its mark on contemporary political science research. Her move towards the intersection of AI and research methodology has positioned her at the forefront of digital age academia.