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After almost 15 years of providing meaningful instruction and degree programs, the University is forced to close due to financial conditions. We are not accepting applications for summer or fall terms. We are working diligently with our students, WSCUC, BPPE, the Department of Education, and over 15 excellent colleges and universities to ensure the efficient transfer of our students, thereby allowing them the opportunity to complete their degrees.

The University will permanently close on July 31, 2024.

We are grateful for our donors and supporters through the years, our faculty, staff, and students, and all the people who made USK a remarkable institution. Please contact Dr. Frank Papatheofanis at if you have questions.

Post-Closure Resources:

Transcripts: Parchment will continue to remain the service for obtaining transcripts.

Academic Catalogs: Click to see course catalogs.
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Athletic Eligibility: For questions regarding remaining eligibility to play in the NAIA, please contact Patsy Livingston, Eligibility Chair.

Federal Student Loans: Federal Student Loans, including those for Spring 2024, should be paid on time to avoid risk of damage to credit scores. For any questions, the Office of Student Assistance and Relief of the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education will provide direct support to affected students. This includes offering resources and information on student rights and available options, as well as connecting students to state and federal economic relief programs. As a result of USK’s closure, it is possible that students in atypical situations may qualify for a discharge of federal student loans. Information on closed school loan discharges, including eligibility criteria, the loan discharge process, and answers to common questions on closed school discharges, is available here.