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Arts and Humanities

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Why Arts and Humanities At USK?

The Arts and Humanities program provides a higher education that is faithful to Orthodox Christianity. The curriculum guides students to read, interpret, analyze, and synthesize the formative works in seven disciplines: Art, History, English Language and Literature, Music, Psychology, Orthodox Christian Theology, and Communications & Public Relations. Students learn to communicate across the disciplines as they develop a broad historical understanding of their own area of study. The Arts and Humanities program thus prepares students for graduate studies and for numerous careers in fields such as law, communication, education, design, writing, business, psychology, and theology.



In addition to the Arts and Humanities core of six classes, students choose from one of the seven concentrations: Art, History, English Language and Literature, Music, Psychology, Orthodox Christian Theology, or Communications & Public Relations. Students are required to take an additional five classes within the chosen concentration, or six in Psychology. In addition, students may choose an Interdisciplinary Track, which adds the requirements of a second concentration. In their final year, students will complete a Capstone Project over the course of two semesters.


The Arts & Humanities Core begins with an introductory course in historical study (HIS 100) that provides the foundations for the study of human culture and art. The three other lower-division A&H Core classes (ART 100, LIT 200, and MUS 200) combine historical or theoretical study and practical execution, whether of a painting, a poem, or a musical performance.

The upper-division components in the A&H Core begin with a course in Philosophy of Religion (HUM 300), which cultivates a sophisticated approach to experience, knowledge, and faith. The final three upper-division courses – HUM 305 Literature in History, HUM 315 Aesthetics, and HUM 401 Philosophical Anthropology – explore various media of expression, methods of interpretation, and models of life.

In their final two semesters, students enroll in two courses to guide them through the Capstone Project. In WRI 498 students conduct academic research on an approved project. In HUM499 students are guided through the process of creating their final Capstone project which culminates in a formal presentation to their academic community.

The A&H Core is unique to the University of Saint Katherine. Participating in the Orthodox tradition of integral knowledge, this Core is designed to endow students with critical acumen, epistemological humility, and holistic understanding. Aligned with the University’s mission of “Inquiry Seeking Wisdom” and the Interdisciplinary Core curriculum, the A&H Core sets students on the path following the true Teacher, Jesus Christ, who is the “Wisdom of God’ (1 Cor. 1:24).