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You are invited to “The Theory of Everything,” a very special series of weekly lectures at the University of Saint Katherine by Bishop Maxim of the Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. These lectures, on Zoom, are free and open to the public, starting on July 25th at 5:30 pm Pacific. The Theory of Everything in Theology presents all fundamental aspects of theology within one comprehensive matrix of understanding.
Join Zoom Meeting at   Meeting ID: 913 9691 0539

Orthodox Christian Theology (MA)


The online Master of Arts in Orthodox Christian Theology (MAOCT) is intended for students who seek a theological understanding of Orthodoxy for personal enrichment or in preparation for further graduate and research studies. Students of Christian theology take on challenging questions about the relationship between God and humankind, humankind and the created world, and the meaning of faith in contemporary society. In addition to graduate-level courses in theology, the program gives students the opportunity to explore deeply a particular question or hypothesis via a supervised master’s thesis.


The MAOCT is an advanced theological degree that emphasizes research skills and independent scholarship. All students complete five semester-long courses in Old Testament, New Testament, Patristics, Christian Ethics, and Research Methods in addition to a 15,000-word thesis. Students may complete the program over 12 months of full-time study; most employed students can complete it in 1-2 years of concurrent part-time study. This 30-credit program is offered entirely online with no required residential components.

Admissions Requirements

Option 1: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field such as Divinity, Theology, Theological Studies, or Ministry earned from an accredited institution.
Option 2: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any field with a GPA of 2.5 or above, plus evaluation of the following:  College/university transcripts, writing sample, and interview with the program director.

Prospective students are encouraged to enhance their applications by submission of additional materials such as academic or pastoral letter of recommendation, current resume, and/or personal essay.

Prerequisite Courses

Prospective students with less academic preparation may be assigned online, undergraduate level courses in theology.  Other prerequisite or concurrent courses may be assigned at the discretion of the Registrar based on past academic experience.


THEO501, Old Testament (4 semester credits)

THEO502, New Testament (4 semester credits)

THEO510, Patristics (4 semester credits)

THEO511, Christian Ethics (4 semester credits)

THEO 598, Research Methods (4 semester credits)

THEO 599, Thesis Research (10 semester credits)


Why University of Saint Katherine

  • Diverse, welcoming, and friendly community
  • Rooted in Christian faith and ethical values
  • Exceptional teaching and small class sizes
  • Nationally recognized and accredited
  • Faculty and staff focused on your needs
  • Affordable tuition and generous scholarships
  • Access to federal and state aid
  • Great location in Southern California


We have outstanding faculty with expertise across traditional theological disciplines and in dialogue with secular disciplines and contemporary concerns. We are a free-standing University rooted in the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition; many of our faculty belong to the Orthodox Church and work within its historic theological heritage; others represent a wide variety of other Christian traditions, providing a richly ecumenical dialogue. Our Forum Lecture Series offers a remarkable opportunity for students to engage with Orthodox Christian thought leaders from around the world. Additionally, USK plans to host annual graduate theology conferences virtually in order to provide our students an opportunity to present their own research to the wider academic community. We maintain a strong academic relationship with the Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge (UK) which further facilitates rich dialogue and specialized research for faculty and students.

The Center for Ecumenical, Missiological and Environmental Studies (CEMES) is part of USK and offers students an opportunity to concentrate their studies in Orthodox Ecumenical Theology. It operates with the blessing of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholemew. The Master Program in Orthodox Ecumenical Theology (MOET) is an inter-Orthodox and inter-jurisdictional Program, which aims at applying the invaluable theological legacy of Orthodox Christianity to the needs of the present, following all international standards of excellence and the critical study pursued in modern academic scholarship.



Tuition is $500/ semester credit. The degree requires 30 credits of study for a total tuition of $15,000. This may be paid one course at a time or in aggregate. Institutional scholarships are not available for this program. The University participates in Federal Student Aid programs.