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Ronnie Ruyonga

Ronnie Ruyonga, PhD

Professor of Natural Sciences
  • Physics,  
  • Statistics

Dr. Ruyonga is an accomplished Oligonucleotide Scientist, specializing in the synthesis and manipulation of synthetic DNA and RNA. These customized DNA and RNA strands have diverse applications, serving as drug carriers, drug targets, or tools for validating disease and disorder testing through complementary base pairing. Dr. Ruyonga has an extensive academic background, having served as a professor for over 10 years. Currently, Dr. Ruyonga is actively working on three publications in their field. Dr. Ruyonga’s impressive academic journey includes earning a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences with a focus on Synthesis, Drug Discovery, and Design. Dr. Ruyonga is also a published author, of a notable article titled “Exploration of trans-2-(Azaarylsulfanyl)-cyclohexanol derivatives as pH-triggered conformational switches” published in Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry (2020).