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Key Facts

The University of Saint Katherine is ideal for students seeking a rigorous education underpinned by Christian identity and the sense of adventure that only comes with creating and building something new.

— Dr. Frank Papatheofanis, President and Founder



Independent, Non-Profit

Orthodox Christian

Founded in 2010

275 Student Enrollment

WSCUC Accredited

1010-1090 SAT Middle Range

Firebird Mascot

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) – CalPac Conference



The University Seal represents the basic elements upon which the University stands. It is in the form of a circle with a Cross to represent that we are an inclusive Christian community. The Book represents the Gospel from which all of our beliefs are derived. The crown is for the Kingdom of God which exists here on earth and into eternity and for which we strive. The “chi-rho” symbol is that of ancient Christianity, often found in early churches, and representative of the ancient Orthodox Christian faith. The wheel with spikes represents the life and martyrdom of Saint Katherine and the idea that we are all witnesses (martyrs) of Christianity.

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