The University of Saint Katherine offers a wide variety of student programs, activities, and resources. Students come to the University not just to be taught, but to learn and be transformed intellectually and spiritually. We recognize that a sound education is not limited to the classroom or to formal educational activities; there is another side to the curriculum. The student life program is the culture that surrounds this educational process. It is an opportunity to deal with questions such as: “Who am I, and what are my gifts?” “How do I develop durable, trustworthy relationships?” “How do I grow spiritually, and how can I find ways to express my faith in service to others?”

Through the building of friendships and mentoring relationships and a wide variety of programs, student life activities assist students in meeting these challenges, while affirming the growth and change that occur in their lives. Student life services includes competent faculty counselors and career advisers, resident directors, study-skills specialists, student-activities coordinators, and chaplains to facilitate this personal growth and development of leadership skills.

We invite you to become acquainted with the people and programs of the University of Saint Katherine student life.


Students are admitted to the freshman class on the basis of strong academic performance in a rigorous course of college preparatory study. Every application is carefully reviewed and considered for admission. For further information on admission, please call 760.471.1316 or email


Official transcripts of all secondary school grades are required. Students are expected to prepare for the University of Saint Katherine by successfully completing the following high school curriculum:

  • 4 years of English

  • 3 years of mathematics

  • 1 year of a foreign language or a fine art

  • 2 years of science

  • 2 years of social science

SAT/ACT TESTING IS REQUIRED (Note: USK also accepts CLT scores for admission consideration)

Recommended minimum test scores:

  • ACT: Composite 19

  • SAT: Composite 970



The University of Saint Katherine encourages all prospective undergraduate applicants to prepare by challenging themselves with the most rigorous course of study available, including the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. However, college credit for AP or IB classes is not automatic. Course credit and/or placement in an accelerated program is sometimes granted as deemed appropriate by the faculty. The awarding of the University of Saint Katherine course credit takes place at the time of registration each fall.

In general, the University of Saint Katherine awards credit for the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) examinations for a score of 3 or better on most examinations. In order to receive credit, you must have official score results forwarded directly to us.

We also award credit and/or advanced standing for a grade of 5 or better on the International Baccalaureate (IB) higher level examinations. Official IB results should be sent as soon as they are available.


For transfer students, we require a completed application, an official transcript from all colleges or universities attended, and descriptions of all completed college-level courses. Students seeking to transfer fewer than 24 semester units are required to submit high school transcripts and results of standardized tests (ACT or SAT). Every application, including transfer credits, is carefully reviewed and considered for admission to the sophomore or junior classes.


It is expected that transfer students will have had exposure to mathematics and science courses on a comparable level prior to entry to the University. There are no specific topics expected to have been covered in humanities and social science classes, although theology electives may be credited towards the degree.


The University of Saint Katherine admits to its sophomore and junior classes a small number of students who have excellent records at other institutions of collegiate rank.


1. University of Saint Katherine (USK) will accept credit for equivalent courses from both unaccredited and accredited colleges including courses by distance education.

2. University of Saint Katherine measures all courses in semester credits of credit. Quarter credits are converted to semester credits by reducing the quarter credits by one-third. Such a reduction does not mean loss of credit.

3. Credit is given for baccalaureate courses excluding preparatory level, technical, vocational, professional, physical education, internship, practicum, and work experience/co-op credits.

4. A maximum of 70 semester credits from Community Colleges and Universities will be applied toward the bachelor’s degree. Students must complete at least 50 credits from the University of Saint Katherine. A student must meet all the credit and grade requirements as stated in the Academic Course Catalog.

5. Transfer students may fulfill their general education requirements by completing the University of Saint Katherine’s General Education Curriculum or, prior to enrolling at USK, completing the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC).

The IGETC model for the California State University (CSU) system or University of California (UC) is accepted by Saint Katherine College with the following provisions:

  • The current foreign language requirement for all bachelor degrees will be retained.

  • There is a minimum of 120 credits for graduation.

  • In addition to the IGETC, all prerequisites and support courses for existing majors must be met.

  • Transfer students following the IGETC must complete it before they enroll at the University of Saint Katherine. Students who do not complete the IGETC before they enroll will follow the remaining USK General Education curriculum.

6. All transfer students are required to take a minimum of 9 out of 21 integrated core credits at USK.

7. Grades do not transfer – only credits of credit. A student’s grade-point average is computed for graduation purposes only on work completed at the University of Saint Katherine.

8. The University of Saint Katherine will not accept transfer credit for the following courses: courses that duplicate credit already granted, courses with grades of “C-” or below, non-college level remedial courses.

9. Independent Study and special topics courses are not automatically accepted in transfer. Approval of transfer credit is granted on a case-by-case basis. The courses must be applicable towards specific degree requirements and be recommended for transfer by the academic department in which the course content falls. The request for approval will be decided by the Faculty Senate.

10. College-level credit earned during the 10th, 11th and 12th grades will be accepted in transfer for Advanced Placement if the student earns a test score of three or higher and for the International Baccalaureate exams with a score of four or higher.

11. A maximum of nine semester credits will be given for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams.

12. For Athletic eligibility, students must have completed 24 credits in the previous academic year and must have maintained a 2.5 GPA.

13. The combined total of transferred credits plus completed the University of Saint Katherine credits determines student level:

Freshman 0-29 credits
Sophomore 30-59 credits
Junior 60-89 credits
Senior 90 credits and above


Transfer applicants are not required to submit ACT or SAT scores if more than 24 college units have been completed.


The University of Saint Katherine welcomes applications from homeschooled students. All homeschooled applicants must submit a complete application for admission and personal statements/essay. Portfolios of creative works may also be submitted. Other admission requirements for homeschooled students have been modified to take into consideration the variety of settings in which homeschooling can occur, and are listed below.


A transcript indicating the coursework you have completed and that which is in progress is required. The transcript should indicate grades that have been received for each course. Detailed performance evaluations are helpful, but not required. While courses do not have to be named in traditional terms, a brief summary of course content is required. Other materials, such as course bibliographies or syllabi, may be submitted, but are not required. If homeschooling has been supplemented by formal coursework either at the secondary school or post-secondary level, official transcripts from the school(s) or college(s) are required.


The SAT or ACT (with Writing Test) are required for admission to the Freshman class.


Homeschooled applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from an individual who is able to provide information concerning the applicant’s readiness to begin studies at the University of Saint Katherine, and should be from someone other than a parent. This person should not be a relative.


Students are placed in either Writing Composition / Intermediate Composition OR College Algebra / Intermediate Algebra based on the students SAT/ACT scores for their Freshman year. To be exempt from the intermediate courses, the student must score a 23 or above on the math and 22 or above on the English portions of the ACT. Similarly, the student must score a 570 or above for the math and a 550 or above for the English portion on the SAT. Therefore, if the scores are lower than the previously mentioned, the student will be required to take the intermediate courses. The student can request a Math or English Placement test to try to test out of the intermediate course. Please contact the Admissions office at 760.471.1316 or