Dine with a Professor

The Dine-with-a-Prof program allows students to dine with one of their esteemed faculty members for free!

You’re invited to lunch or coffee with your professor. The program fosters informal, out-of-classroom interactions between you and your professors.

How it works

After you’ve invited your professor out to lunch or coffee, obtain a program card from the Chief Academic Officer.

The program card can be redeemed by the faculty member, with the student as a guest, at one of the approved coffee / dining locations listed below.

Before requesting your program card, make sure you have:

• Invited your professor and confirmed a date and time.

• The full name and e-mail address of the faculty member in hand.

• Chosen your location (see below for approved dining and coffee vendors).

Approved Locations

Mama Kat’s

George’s Burger

Senior Panchos


How often can you participate?

You may participate in Dine-with-a-Professor once per academic year.

Who is eligible?

The program is open to all currently enrolled USK students.

Dine-with-a-Professor will take place with 2-3 other students at a time. Students may ask students they know to participate, or they will be chosen at random by others who have asked to dine with the same professor.

Faculty eligibility: The professor must be currently employed by the university. They cannot be staff, administrative advisors, or coaches.

Where to sign up

After you choose the professor, please go to the office of the Chief Academic Officer.